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In our one time orientation workshop, you will learn all about WCA-TV and the services we provide. You will receive basic training on how to use our field cameras, which will make you eligible to reserve equipment for approved usage. This workshop is free of charge and is required to be able to take any of our other workshop offerings. When visiting WCA-TV, please park in the Marshall St. parking lot and buzz in using the double doors on the left of the Phillips building!

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Memberships are open to all Watertown residents. If you are not a Watertown resident, you can still become a member as long as a Watertown resident sponsors you!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, email [email protected]!


Classes with more than one session:

  • Members: $50
  • Students: $25
  • Non-Profit Group: $100

Classes with just one session:

  • Members: $25
  • Students: $10
  • Non-Profit Group: $50


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