Program Submission

Submit a Program

As a local cable access station, WCA-TV airs programming created by the community. Do you already have a show on DVD that was created either at home or in another community access station?

WCA-TV will accept your show if it meets the following criteria:

  • No audio or video content that is under copyright by another person or group
  • No advertising of any sort
  • Content provider must live in Watertown OR have a content sponsor who lives in Watertown

Create a Production

Do you have an idea for a show and would like to start production? If you are a resident of Watertown or work for a nonprofit in Watertown, you can become a member for free. As a member, you can learn how to write, produce, film, and edit your own show. To start, you will need to enroll in and attend our certification workshops. Once certified, you will have access to our production equipment and can start creating your own television show! For more information on WCA-TV workshops, please email Samantha Dudley at [email protected]

Click HERE to view our available workshops!

Broadcast of Programming:

  • 30-day processing period from submission to WCA-TV until broadcast
  • Airs two (2) days a week for thirty (30) days
  • Time-slots assigned by WCA-TV at our discretion

How to Submit:

  • WCA-TV only accepts DVD hard copies and .mp4 of the program
  • Signed copy of our Broadcast release form, which can be found HERE
  • Submit description of program and signed release for to [email protected]