New Director of Senior Services Lydia McCoy Shares What She Has Planned for Watertown

Watertown – Back in March, Lydia McCoy was appointed as Watertown’s new Director of Senior Services. Ms. McCoy has a BA in political science from Emmanuel College and a Behavioral Health Certificate from the Center for Aging and Disability Education & Research at Boston University’s School of Social Work.

Most recently, she served as the Strategy and Development Manager for the Providence Housing Authority. Her responsibilities included creating and coordinating, implementing and managing Housing Authority programs, participating in long-range planning and grants, managing outreach strategies, collaborating with partner agencies, and developing and improving services that address the economic, social, and housing needs of residents – including many senior housing residents in Housing Authority programs.

She joined WCN in-studio to talk with Jim Vershbow about what she has planned for Watertown’s senior community.

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