WHS Partners with WCA-TV

Watertown High School is proud to partner with Watertown Cable Access Corp to serve the needs of our students. WHS currently offers three different courses over four academic periods housed within the WCA-TV facility. All of the programming produced in these Digital Media & Communications classes will be proudly aired on WCA-TV’s Education Channel (Comcast 8 / RCN 15), streamed live and available on demand on the WCA-TV website. This shared partnership hopes to build the communicators of tomorrow understanding the awesome responsibility Digital Media & Communications presents everyone in our society on a daily basis.





Mr. Robbins is responsible for teaching a variety of courses in Digital Media & Communications, including TV News Production, Documentary Production, Multiple Camera TV Production, and Radio Broadcasting. Mr. Robbins will also advise and empower students looking to pursue creating broadcast quality coverage of WHS athletics, theater performances, and any other WHS or community event that peaks their interest.

Mr. Robbins can be reached at todd.robbins@watertown.k12.ma.us or check out his website www.mrrobbinsdmc.com.






Television and News Production (Semester 3 credits)
Ever dream about being a sportscaster? How about a news anchor man/woman? Here is your chance to turn your dream into a reality. The course will examine the range of ways in which TV news is made and produced. Classes will be held in our state-of-the-art TV studio. Students will have hands-on experience using the equipment, writing news programs, editing, and producing a TV news show for the whole school and town to see!


Documentary Film Production (Semester 3 credits)
Are you passionate about sports? Dance? Computers? Have a story to tell? In this course students will make a documentary video by working in teams, each student participating in one of many aspects of the production. Students will learn how to set up and record interviews, how to shoot sequences, and how to edit their footage. The final projects will be shown online and on the Watertown channel. We will also examine documentary production techniques through a mixture of screenings, discussion, and hands-on exercises.


Multiple-Camera Television Production (Semester 3 credits)
Students with a desire to pursue the Digital Media & Communications field will be responsible for developing major content pieces for airing on WCAC. Students in this course will work collaboratively on productions of news, weather, sports, entertainment, and more, producing multiple shows per semester, presenting the world from the perspective of WHS students. The show will allow students to take on the challenges experienced by a real world television station at the local and/or network level. Students will rotate from on-air talent to technical and administrative roles. The instructor, acting as Managing Editor, will hear student pitches along with student producers, and help guide them in the production development and planning. Once productions are complete, the instructor will help to break-down and evaluate each production, and sharing with the class to improve future productions.


Radio Broadcasting (Semester 3 credits)
Do you enjoy talking about sports? News? Music? Entertainment? In the era before television, radio served as the major source for information and entertainment. Now, in the modern world of Digital Media & Communications, radio continues to serve as a popular source to engage listeners as they travel from place to place, or while they work on a daily basis. Students will learn about the importance of writing and language choice to paint the “word picture” in their storytelling, and advance stories and opinions, without the benefit of pictures. They will also be introduced to the basics of radio broadcast equipment, editing, and show preparation. Student teams will be responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and creating a radio program to be broadcast on WCAC-Radio and posted to the web as a podcast series.

Watertown High School Mission Statement
The mission of Watertown High School is to produce lifelong learners through examination of human achievements, development of essential skills, and promotion of civic responsibility and ethics. We are committed to a rigorous curriculum designed to foster students’ growth as creative and independent thinkers. We will provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students and faculty has the opportunity to realize their potential.

WCA-TV Scholarship

WCA-TV awards a yearly scholarship to college bound students pursuing a degree in a communications related field. To download the information on how to apply, please download here.