Now in its Second Year, “Teens for Trees” Spends Summer Taking Inventory of Thousands of Trees

*Watertown – Local teens are trying to make the Watertown community a greener place for all. The Teens for Trees program, currently in its second year, is aiming to take inventory of every local street tree. There are over 4,500 street trees in Watertown, and the Teens for Trees team are more than half way toward their goal. The 12 teens have chartered close to 3,000 street trees.

Their goal is not just marking the existing trees, but also finding opportunities for new trees to be planted. Once all the trees are marked down, measured, and recorded, the data will be shared with the local community.

For more information visit the Teens for Trees official website, which includes an interactive map where you can search many Watertown streets and find out which types of trees are near you.


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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer
Andrea Santopietro, Assistant Director
August 2, 2018

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