Starving, Abused Pitbull Found in Watertown Recovering

Boston Pet Haven – On the morning of June 4th, Watertown Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly received a call about an abused and starving dog spotted in Watertown. The likely Pitbull mix wandered into Home Depot at approximately 6 A.M, with Officer O’Reilly coming to the scene about an hour later. “I noticed how poorly he looked, so we got him to the vet right away,” said O’Reilly.

Photo by Andrea Santopietro

After being discovered, the dog was immediately taken to a vet where he weighed in at just 26 pounds, half the weight he should be. The dog, who is thought be be around one year-old, was found with cigarette burns on various parts of his body, overgrown toenails, and his ears were clipped.

Photo by Dan Hogan

Despite his condition, the dog was friendly and became instant friends with members of the Watertown Police Department, Home Depot employees, and Officer O’Reilly. They named him Sully Doe.

Photo by Dan Hogan

Nearly two weeks later, Sully has gained six pounds, upping his total weight to 32 pounds. When WCA-TV’s camera crews met him, he was acting like a happy and healthy pup. Sully is being fostered by Officer O’Reilly and is monitored constantly by the doctors at Boston Pet Haven on Mount Auburn Street.

Photo by Dan Hogan

A fund has been set up for Sully Doe, which you can find more information about in the video below. The Watertown Police Department and the Animal Control Office are welcoming any tips regarding who might have abused Sully.

The Animal rights organization, PETA, has even come forward offering a $5,000 reward for information.

Check Out the Video!

Filmed by Andrea Santopietro, Outreach Coordinator
& Dan Hogan, News Producer
Filmed on June 16, 2016

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