School Committee Receive MCAS Results for High School and Middle School, School Building Projects Have Aggressive Deadline

Town Hall – Town Hall – On Monday, November 19 the School Committee met at Town Hall for a lengthy meeting. At its previous meeting, Watertown Elementary School MCAS results were presented to the Committee. At this week’s meeting, the Middle School and High School principals were on hand to discuss their schools’ results. The overall MCAS scores for the High School were positive including a significant jump in science scores.

The Middle School saw a mixed bag of results. The overall scores for English Language Arts, Math and Science were down from last year’s results; however, those number are still well above the state average. One of the main focuses for the Middle School is assisting students with disabilities.

Starting in 2019, students will be taking a next generation type of MCAS testing. STudents in grads three thru eight will be the subjects of the new tests. The MCAS test will be taken online for first time ever by ninth and tenth grade students.

The last major talking point of the meeting was the building for the future project which aims to rebuild all of Watertown’s schools. Superintendent Dr. Dede Galdston provided the Committee with a “best case scenario” for the timing of the projects. The Hosmer, Cunniff, and Lowell elementary schools will be the first projects underway.

The next School Committee Meeting takes place on Monday, December 10 at 7pm in the Town Hall Chambers.

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Produced by Sam Dudley, Community Engagement Coordinator
Written by Steven Accardi, Videographer
November 22, 2018

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