Hosmer School Primary Topic of Latest School Building Committee Meeting

Town Hall – The School Building Committee met on Wednesday, August 1 to discuss a multitude of issues. The focus of the meeting was focused on what to do with Hosmer School going forward. The options are to create a new building connecting the renovated Hosmer School with the preexisting structure. The second option is to create an entirely new school separate from the old building.

The challenges brought up by committee members include open space and parking. The proposed new building would take up a large portion of the athletic fields in front of the current Hosmer School. The main issue with choosing the option to connect the two building is deciding what to do with the Early Childhood Center. The plan for was to have the Preschool in that building and serve as a swing space for students whose schools are under construction.

Town Councilor and committee member Vincent Piccirilli made a motion for the Ai3 Architects to return to the next meeting on August 15 with additional site plans.

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August 2, 2018

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