Watertown-Based Armenian Dance Group Performs in Macy’s Parade

Armenian School for the Performing Arts – If you were one of the millions of people watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you heard a special shoutout for Watertown. The Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston, which rehearses and is based here in Watertown, performed for over a minute on the national stage and several times along the route on Thanksgiving morning.

Sayat Nova performs Armenian folk dancing which celebrates the country’s culture and legacy. The group performed three different routines while marching on the three-mile parade route. Each dance symbolizes the livelihood, aspirations and legends of the Armenian people. Sayat Nova is celebrating 30th Anniversary this year.

Watertown Weekly News spoke with Sayat Nova’s founder and director Apo Ashjian about the experience.

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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer

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