Committee on Public Works Approves Regulations for Cell Antennas

Town Hall – The Committee on Public Works continued discussions about a petition for ExteNet and AT&T to construct small 5G cellular antennas on Arsenal Street, Coolidge Avenue, and Palfrey Street. Committee Chair Vincent Piccirilli presented a number of conditions for the grant of location including the replacement of broken telephone poles and that the sidewalks and roads won’t be disturbed. One major area of concern with the implementation of new AT&T antenna is the moving of previous equipment.

The Committee then finalized the conditions and reviewed the applications. The Arsenal Street and Coolidge Avenue applications were approved, while the Palfrey Street application is going to be revised.

At the February 5 meeting, the Committee on Public Works approved a motion to present these applications to the Town Council for final approval.

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Produced by Steven Accardi, Videographer
Mark Aiello, Videographer
Written by Steven Accardi
February 7, 2019

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