Watertown Businesses, Organizations Using Pokemon Go

Watertown – By now you’ve seen news stories, social media posts, and seen it in real life – Watertown residents playing ‘Pokemon Go,’ a game where users can capture Pokemon in the “real world.” The game has brought back a heavy dose of nostalgia for those who played the games and watched the show growing up. This time, there is an outdoor component involved that makes users of the game walk – a lot. Players have been gathering in Watertown Square, Victory Field, and many other spots in Watertown to play.

Photo Courtesy the Armenian Museum of America

Several businesses and organizations have gotten in on the fun, such as the Armenian Museum, Gore Place, Athenahealth and the Watertown Free Public Library. Many of these places are welcoming players of Pokemon Go to play in and around their buildings.

Photo Courtesy of Gore Place

Most of the staff here WCA-TV are avid Pokémon trainers, and we’ve seen a few hanging around the station and throughout Watertown.

Photo by Sam Dudley

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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer

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