Armenian Museum using Pokémon to “Lure” Residents to Learn About Armenian History

Armenian Museum of America – Many organizations and businesses in Watertown have been taking advantage of Pokémon Go, the popular mobile game that has become the fastest growing app ever. With so many people playing, it is easy to engage with the community by using the app using “lures” at various “Pokestops” throughout town. A lure can be deployed at any Pokestop to draw Pokémon towards it, thus inviting large groups of people to congregate there to play.

Photo via Twitter – @armenian_museum

One of the premier Pokestops in Watertown Square is the Armenian Museum of America, and the museum is taking advantage of the opportunity. Each Thursday, the museum will be sponsoring what it’s calling #Luresday Thursday, where the museum will drop a lure and hold a Pokémon themed scavenger hunt throughout the museum to encourage people to visit and observe its many exhibits. Prizes will be given out to those who complete the scavenger hunt inside the museum. Lures can drop at any time, so keep an eye on the museum’s twitter and Facebook feeds to find out when to catch em’ all!

Check Out the Video!

Produced by Andrea Santopietro, Outreach Coordinator
Nick Dulchinos, Technical Coordinator

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