Zoning Amendment Proposed to Raise Arsenal Yards Building Height

Town Hall – The July 11 Planning Board meeting provided members of the board, Arsenal Yards developers and residents to have a lengthy discussion about the potential benefits and setbacks of a proposed zoning amendment. The proposed amendment would increase the maximum height allowed for buildings in the Regional Mixed Use District (RMUD). Arsenal Yards development teams want to raise the height of its featured residential building from 130 feet to 197 feet. According the team, this would improve the pedestrian experience coming from the east into Arsenal Park and improve the views for people already in the park.

This proposed zoning amendment would apply to all parcels of land inside the RMUD, including other land owned by the Boylston Properties and Wilder Companies.

Members of the public both supported and opposed the zoning change. There was no vote held by the Planning Board. If the zoning amendment is approved by the Town Council, the concept and site plan would go back to the Planning Board for a final vote.

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Produced by Andrea Santopietro, Assistant Director
July 19, 2018

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