Historic Watertown: Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery – Built in 1831, Mount Auburn Cemetery is the oldest open green space in the country. It predates New York City’s Central Park by nearly 30 years. The cemetery is home to the resting sites of many world renowned, authors, scientists, educators, artists, and many others. Today, people visit the cemetery to enjoy its various historical monuments, walk on its many trails, and take in the view atop Washington Tower that offers an unobstructed view of Boston and many surrounding areas Watertown. To this day, Mount Auburn still does around 500 burials every year.
Photo by Dan Hogan

Watertown Weekly News spoke with Bree Harvey, Vice President if Cemetary and Visitor Services at Mount Auburn Cemetery about the history of Mount Auburn and how the cemetery is used today in this edition of Historic Watertown.
Photo by Dan Hogan

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