MBTA Proposing Fare Increase, Holds Meeting in Watertown to Gather Feedback

Watertown Police Station – The MBTA held a community meeting at the Watertown Police Station on Monday, March 4. Residents packed the community room at the police station’s headquarters to talk with MBTA Officials. Topics covered included the Better Bus Project, Automated Fare Collection 2.0, and most namely, the 2019 fare proposal.

The better bus project aims to update and modernize various bus routes in an attempt to create a more reliable and frequent plan for bus services. A

Automated fare collection 2.0 is a method of payment through mobile devices designed to be easier and faster and customers.

The main topic addressed at the meeting was the fare increase proposal. The MBTA is proposing an average increase in fares of 6.3-percent across all its platforms. This issue has raised a lot of concern from the public, but the MBTA has been aiming to reach solutions with customers through these community meetings. The MBTA plans to aggregate the feedback given by the public into a final proposed package for the board to vote on in April, which would then go into effect by the fall.

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Produced by Mark Aiello, Videographer
March 7, 2019

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