Kayaking the Charles

Watertown Square Docks – Around 100 residents gathered on the docks in Watertown Square over the weekend to take part in the Watertown Recreation Department and Live Well Watertown’s first-ever kayaking event. Residents young and old took to their tandem kayaks provided by Charles River Canoe & Kayak on Saturday, paddling from the docks down to the Brighton Bridge. “This is one of our many multi-generational programs where we bring people together and introduce different active living programs right in the community,” said Stephanie Venizelos, Project Coordinator for Live Well Watertown.


Photo by Dan Hogan

Residents weren’t the only ones to hit the water. Watertown’s Director of Recreation Director, Peter Centola and Assistant Director, Ernie Thebado had a kayak of their own. “We picked the perfect day. The water is so calm,” said Thebado.


Photo by Dan Hogan

Over the course of the day, four groups of around 25 people went out at a time. The trek included scenic views of various kinds of wildlife, boats at the local yacht clubs, and a view of the recently renovated braille trail that runs adjacent to the Charles River. “It was gorgeous. The Perkins school and the Solomon Fund have just done a great job revitalizing that whole area,” said Centola


Photo by Dan Hogan

The Recreation Department and Live Well have teamed up for several healthy living events this year, most recently a walking tour of Gore Place on the Watertown/Waltham line. Going forward, Live Well and the Recreation Department are hoping to continue this kayaking event as often as possible. “Hopefully moving forward we’re going to have this as a regular thing a couple times a year,” said Thebado.

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Story by Dan Hogan, News Producer
Video by Sam Dudley, Videographer
Filmed on May 14, 2016

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