New England Charity Providing Veterans with Once in a Lifetime Experience

Logan Airport – On September 18th, over 60 Veterans from around New England boarded a plane to Washington D.C so they could spend the day visiting the various war memorials in the nation’s capital. The endeavor comes courtesy of Honor Flight New England, an organization based out of New Hampshire that flies older Veterans to visit the memorials and monuments of the Korean War, World War II, and many others.

There were two World War II Veterans from Watertown who were scheduled to make the trip – Army Veterans Gordon King and Ted Wayne. About a week before the flight, Gordon King passed away. In honor of him, the flight on September 18th was dedicated to him.

Watertown Veteran’s Services Officer Mark Comeiro and WWII Veteran Ted Wayne

Watertown’s Veteran’s Services Officer Mark Comeiro, who made the trip as a guardian, chronicles the experience.

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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer
Filmed on Sept. 18, 2016

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