Historical Society Seeking Community Preservation Act in Watertown

Watertown Free Public Library – Residents gathered earlier this week to hear presentations from the Historical Society of Watertown and local group “Invest in Watertown” about why Watertown should join over 150 other towns and cities in Massachusetts who are taking advantage of the Community Preservation Act (CPA). In 2000, the CPA was a law that was passed which allows residents of a town or city to adopt a small surcharge on their tax bills that creates a fund that can only be used for special community projects.

There are a select few projects that the CPA fund could be used for; Open space and outdoor recreation, affordable housing, and historic preservation.

Locations around Watertown, such as the Charles River Path and various ballfields could be renovated and constructed under the guidelines of the CPA. Other public recreational sites such as playgrounds and dog parks could also be restored and renovated.

Representatives from the Historical Society of Watertown showed examples of places around town that would benefit from Watertown enacting the CPA under the guidelines of historical preservation, including the East Branch Library, and William Shearer’s grave.

Photo by Sam Dudley

According to the Historical Society and Invest in Watertown, the CPA would raise about $1.7 million each year for these projects. Watertown could also be eligible for matching state funds.

To get the CPA on Watertown’s ballot this November, 1,500 registered voters need to sign a petition.

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Produced by Sam Dudley, Videographer
Filmed on June 01, 2016

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