Historical Figures Featured in Banners Around Town

Watertown Square – Residents and commuters passing through Watertown Square and the East End will be getting a free history lesson thanks to Watertown Savings Bank and the Historical Society of Watertown.

WSB Vice-President of Marketing Carole Katz has worked at the bank for 30 years and along the way has learned a lot about Watertown’s storied history. “I’ve learned a lot about Watertown in those years, and the more I learn, the more impressed I am,” said Katz.

Photo by Dan Hogan

The 22 banners are spread throughout Watertown Square and the the East End, depicting the names and portraits of 11 individuals from Watertown who made a significant impact on the world.

Here is a list and description of the men and women included on in the project:

Charles Brigham (1841-1925): The architect of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Christian Science Church extension.
Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880): An abolitionist, women’s rights activist, Native American rights activist, novelist, and journalist.
Benjamin Robbins Curtis (1809-1874): A US Supreme Court Justice who resigned on principle following the Dred Scott decision.
Sterling Elliott (1852-1922): A businessman and inventor who contributed to the making of the automobile.
Adeline Fowle (1799-1869): In her first marriage, she saved her husband’s bank from collapse in Paris. She later married the French ambassador to England and traveled the world.
Convers Francis (1795-1863): A writer, preacher, and moderator for the Transcendental Club, which included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bronson Alcott, Henry David Thoreau and Margaret Fuller.
Harriet Hosmer (1830-1908): She is considered the most distinguished female sculptor in America of the 19th century. Her work can be seen in the Museum of Fine Arts.
Ellen Robbins (1828-1905): An artist known for her botanical illustrations. Her designs have been in books, fabrics, and on fine china.
Charles Pratt (1830-1891): A petroleum industry businessman who founded the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.
Sir Richard Saltonstall (1586-1661): Led a group of English settlers up the Charles River to settle what is now called Watertown.
Anne Whitney (1821-1915): A poet, suffragette, abolitionist, and a sculptor. Her statue of Sam Adams still stands outside Faneuil Hall.

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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer

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