Community Members Lace Up Their Dancing Shoes for Rotary Club’s “Dancing With the Stars”

Hellenic Cultural Center – Two firefighters, a police officer, a fitness instructor, and a government official. Those are just a few of the eight stars who competed in Watertown’s annual Dancing With the Stars competition. This year’s event, which was held on Friday, May 11 at the Hellenic Cultural Center, was organized by the Rotary Club of Watertown. The Rotary Club took over hosting duties from the Watertown Education Foundation whom had put on the event for the previous four years. All the proceeds raised from this year’s competition still benefited all five of Watertown’s schools.

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Produced by Sam Dudley, Production Coordinator
Andrea Santopietro, Media Outreach Coordinator
Nikki Bevans, Videograpoher
David Yampolsky, News Correspondent
May 17, 2018

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