Election 2016: Community Preservation Act Discussion

WCA-TV Studio – For the past few months, Watertown residents have debated whether or not they should vote “yes” on question five on election day, which would bring the Community Preservation Act to Watertown.// Over 160 communities across Massachusetts have adopted the CPA. It would increase property taxes in Watertown by two percent, the money from which would go towards funding affordable housing, open recreational space, and preservation of various historical sites in town. Watertown Weekly News invited two members of organizations in town who are not currently in support of the CPA, John Labadini of “Concerned Watertown Homeowners’ Association,” and David Stokes from “Watertown Strong Schools.”

Watertown Weekly News invited supporters of the CPA to a discussion, but they have declined.

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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer
Hosted by Rob Scudder