School Committee Discusses Plans to Fix School Overcrowding

Watertown High School – Concerns over Watertown School Officials’ plans to move Pre-K and Kindergarten classes to different locations around the district caused them to come up with another plan. This plan was unveiled at the latest School Committee meeting.

Photo by Sam Dudley

This new plan will call for the renovation and use of the Phillips School where the Integrated Preschool classes at the Hosmer will be moved. Moving the Pre-K classes will result in two freed up classroom spaces at the Hosmer School. The proposed plan will create a ripple effect throughout the Watertown school district and make classes less crowded.

Additionally, Pre-K classes in the Lowell and Cuniff School will also move to the Phillips School to free up more class space. “There is no perfect answer,” said Superintendent Dr. Jean Fitzgerald. “This is our best shot of getting it right for the short term.”

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Produced by Sam Dudley, Videographer
Filmed on June 09, 2016

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