Things to do In Watertown: Central Rock Gym

Central Rock Gym – Watertown is located nowhere near any mountains or cliffs where hardcore or even casual rock climbers can get their climbing fix. Luckily for them, Central Rock Watertown is one of the largest rock climbing facilities in the country. Central Rock offers three different types of climbing; Bouldering, top roping, and sport climbing. It caters to beginners, experts, and professional climbing teams. Central Rock’s own team even has one of the best coaches in the industry, according to the gym’s Assistant Manager Brittany Marryott.


Photo by Dan Hogan

In addition to its climbing facilities, Central Rock has a yoga studio across the street, a workout area for members, and hosts a variety of events.

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Produced by Andrea Santopietro, Outreach Coordinator
Story by Dan Hogan, News Producer
Filmed on May 19, 2016

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