Things to do in Watertown: Boston Rhythmic

Boston Rhythmic – The sport of rhythmic gymnastics has come to Watertown. Boston Rhythmic, which is a spinoff of one of the largest gymnastics schools in New England, has opened a location off of pleasant street in Watertown. Located in the same plaza as Launch Trampoline Park, Boston Rhythmic teaches people of all ages how to be rhythmic gymnasts.

Photo by Andrea Santopietro

Rhythmic gymnastics, which is an olympic sport, combines gymnastics, dance, and ballet. Unlike traditional gymnastics that most are familiar with, rythmic gymnastics uses apparatuses such as ribbons, balls, and ropes.

“I really feel right now that this is a very important year for this sport in this country,” said Boston Rhythmic Executive Director Smaranda Albeck. “By the exposure that we’ll get with the olympics and people also realizing what a great sport this is for the female body.”

Photo by Andrea Santopietro

Boston Rhythmic offers a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels including adult classes in ballet, Latin aerobic and yoga lessons.

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Produced by Andrea Santopietro, Outreach Coordinator
Filmed on June 02, 2016

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