Historic Watertown: Armenian Museum of America

Watertown Square – Other than the country of Armenia, Watertown is home to the largest collection of Armenian artifacts, books, textiles, and many other aspects of the culture in the world.

The Armenian Museum of America, which is located in Watertown Square, is the largest ethnic museum in all of Massachusetts and the largest Armenian Museum in the world outside of Armenia.

Courtesy Armenian Museum of America

There are over 20,000 unique items arranged throughout the three floors of the museum. As Armenian culture is so ingrained in the Watertown community, the Armenian Museum of America provides an opportunity for Armenian-Americans to learn about their history and culture. It also provides people of all ethnicities a chance to learn the story of the Armenian people.

Take a tour of the museum and learn about some of the most important items on display in this installment of our Historic Watertown series.

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