Watertown Residents Simulate Having Alzheimer’s, Dementia

The Residence at Watertown Square – Residents and community leaders were shown what it might be like to live with alzheimer’s or dementia in a simulation event held on Monday. In observance of “The Longest Day,” which honors those who are affected by alzheimer’s or dementia, participants were invited to engage in a 10-minute simulation that manipulated their senses using a variety of methods to simulate what a person with alzheimer’s or dementia goes through every day. The exercise was meant to give people a better understanding and appreciation of those diseases.

The simulation, called “A Walk In Their Shoes,” had participants attempt to do some simple tasks, like folding a cloth, tying a knot, and finding a pair of matching socks all while having their senses heavily impaired.

Reflections Director at the Residence, Jennifer Naugler, led the simulation and talked participants through it, explaining why it’s important to understand how people with alzheimer’s and dementia live. “My hope for what people took away from the simulation is that we have to be so patient, and we have to remind ourselves constantly that it’s not the person , it’s the disease,” said Naugler. “They’re not failing to do these things on purpose. They’re not doing these things to annoy us.”

Watertown State Representative Jonathan Hecht let WCA-TV document his experience in the simulation. Watch it below.

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Produced by Dan Hogan, News Producer
& Andrea Santopietro, Outreach Coordinator
Filmed on June 20, 2016

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