Watertown Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

 The Watertown Raiders Hall of Fame honors individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to our community through their time as student-athletes or in support of various athletic programs at Watertown High School.
 Participation in athletics connects us with our history and our future, drawing on past successes to guide today’s actions and create tomorrow’s high standards.  The athletes, teams, coaches and supporters of Watertown’s athletics programs honored by the Hall of Fame are recognized for their contributions both on and off the field:
“Everyone honored [in the hall of fame] could run as fast or throw as far as anyone who played the games they shared. But [recognizing them] is less about numbers than about neighborhood, about the character sports can build, and the bond across class, age, and viewpoint they can cement.”
Bob Kaprielian, Hall of Fame Inductee Speech, 2004
 The Hall exists to honor our past and foster Watertown’s athletic community spirit into the future.

Hall of Fame Ceremonies