No, WCA-TV is not your cable provider; we are the town’s Cable Access station so if your cable is not working, you should call your provider. • RCN (1-800-RING-RCN) • Comcast (1-800-COMCAST)
No, you can however watch archived content in our Video on Demand or you can watch our live stream.
If you want to request equipment, studio time, or an edit suit, you must call during office. You must be a certified producer in order to reserve any of our items. Any use of our equipment or facilities must be for producing content for WCA-TV’s channels, not for personal or commercial use, no exceptions. • For video and radio training classes and workshops contact Andrea Santopietro at or call 617-923-8610. • For news stories contact Dan Hogan at 617-923-8610 • For Bulletin boards email We accept .jpg images or PowerPoint slides. • For programming contact John Woodland at • For general information call 617-923-8610 • To report issues with the channel or website call 617-923-8610. • For all other problems, issues or concerns contact the Executive Director, Helen Chatel, at 617-923-8610 or – if after hours email
Absolutely. If you live or work for a non-profit in Watertown, MA you are eligible to become a member. Membership is free, and members can produce their own programming.
All of our hosts and producers are volunteer members of Watertown Cable Access Corp.
If you live or work for a non-profit in Watertown MA, becoming a member of Watertown Cable Access is as simple as filling out our polices and procedures form either in person or email Andrea Santopietro for a copy. Membership is free.
Yes we do. Interns at WCA-TV often receive more hands on experience than they would get elsewhere due to the non-profit, volunteer-based nature of our business. For more information on internships, please contact Nick Dulchinos.
The community bulletin board is a way for local non-profits, schools, civic organizations and municipal departments to get the word out about events and other notices deemed important to Watertown cable subscribers and the community at large. It is played throughout the day on all three of our channels on both Comcast and RCN, between programming.
There are a few ways to get your message to us. You can drop it off in person at the studio; you can email it to Please allow 2-3 business days for your message to be posted.
A WCA-TV member who will assume the role as community producer for the program must submit all programming on DVD. Programming must not contain any commercial advertising, calls to action, or libelous/slanderous language. Obscenity and pornography are illegal and prohibited at all times. WCA-TV does not preview or review for content, however, community producers and those submitting “bicycled” programming are expected to make responsible decisions regarding the content of their programs; our procedures encourage producers to restrict extreme violence, indecency and profanity be played only between the hours of 11pm and 4am. Producers must sign our policies and procedures. We accept all video content on DVD.
At this time we only accept shows on DVD. Your show can be under 30 minutes or under an hour. We have 30 minute and 1hr time slots.
We do not guarantee any time slots. Preference is given to locally produced shows (done in-house with WCA-TV equipment and by WCA-TV members) on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to pre-empt a show, should the need arise.
Great! First you need to sign up to be a member by going to Isaac. Once you have signed up, we will approve your membership (you must provide proof or residency). Once your membership is approved sign up for the appropriate classes. Once you are a certified trained member you can use our facilities. You can not reserve our facilities or equipment until you have been trained. Studio producers will need 3 or 4 additional crew members, so we encourage you to have your friends and or family take a class too. Volunteering at your local access center is great way to spend time with friends and family!
No, we are not on Roku or over the air. We receive our funding from the cable companies in Watertown, if you do not subscribe to cable, your only option is to watch live on our website or view our Video On Demand for the programming you are looking to watch.