WCA-TV broadcasts many locally produced shows from talented local producers.


A Veteran’s Story works to collect the histories of our veterans on video, broadcast them on local cable, and preserve them for future generation. Due to Bob Kaprielian’s initiative, A Veteran’s Story is a decade-long project to collect and preserve the stories of our veterans, including World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and veterans of the recent conflicts.

Bob Kaprielian is a graduate of the Northeastern University, who was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the Signal Corps, and went on to flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He received his wings and flew L19s (light observation aircraft) until serving active duty in the reserves for 8 years and was discharged Captain of the US Army.

Veterans are invited to contact Bob with their military career information if they wish to be interviewed for this project. Bob can be reach by telephone at, 617.869.5470, please provide full name, rank, branch of the military, and bio.

Coach’s Corner is a sports highlight show where host Bob Kaprielian interviews players and coaches of Watertown High School and reviews game footage. Bob reviews multiple highlight clips from different games, discussing with Coach’s and players about the type of play and why it was drawn up. Coach’s Corner teaches sports fans of all ages about the different sports and gives insight into high school sports.

Drawing With Fred’s format is based upon the adult hosted children’s series, which were a television staple from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. The program, which has won three CONTI-awards for cable excellence, features cartooning lessons, animated films and original safety tips.



From Where I Sit is a program, which opens the doors to the world of disability hosted by George Donahue. The show including guests who have a disability, organizations who serve persons with disabilities and programs available for the disabled. Some of the topics include; what are the rules for handicap parking? How does a person with a disability learn to drive? What government programs are available for the disabled? Lets learn together.

Feast of Healthy Thoughts is an unscripted conversation discussing daily human developmental matters from spiritual, religious and psychological perspectives. During our conversations we have talked about a wide range of realities. Love, Fear, Guilt, Hope, Resurrection, Family, Humility and many other topics have been in the center of our attention. We explore these matters looking at the human being as a psychosomatic creature made in the image and after the likeness of God.


Focus on Watertwon Launched in December of 2016, Focus on Watertown is currently a monthly long-from interview program that features important people, organizations, and topics pertinent to Watertown. Hosted by Watertown Weekly News anchors Jim Vershbow and Rob Scudder, Focus on Watertown is a 30-minute program that discusses the many attributes in Watertown that make it a unique town. Whether it be a discussion about the importance of the Armenian Bone Marrow Registry, a Watertown State Official’s agenda in the State House, or learning about how a major development will be reshaping the Arsenal on the Charles, Focus on Watertown covers everything that impacts and shapes the Watertown community. It can be seen on WCA-TV’s Public Channel every night at 7:30pm directly following Watertown Weekly News.

Watch This is an audio-visual extravaganza; the sensational new Movie/TV review show that first swept the nation and is now taking the world by storm. Springing forth from the pristine waters of local cable access television, Watch This promises to educate and inform, to entertain and to challenge even as it makes your coughs more productive. Enjoyed with poultry, fish, beef or pork, with friends or alone, Watch This is safe on furniture and will not harm your fine washables.