Field Production Equipment

Field Camera

The Canon XA10 is a digital prosumer camcorder. The XA10 has many amazing features such as infrared, full HD recording, two XLR audio inputs, and focus assist. It also records to two HCSD cards. The XA10 is a versatile camcorder, which can be used to record sports, events or TV shows.
A Zoom/Focus control plugs into the Canon XA10 and attaches to the tripod arm. The ZF control allows the user to control the camcorder’s focus and zoom without having to use the on-camcorder controls.

Audio Equipment

A gooseneck microphone is best used attached to a podium.

A handheld microphone is best used for conducting interviews quickly without having to attach a lavalier microphone to your subject.

A lavalier microphone is best used for conducting interviews with subjects during a sit down formal interview. The lav attaches to a subject’s shirt.

A shotgun microphone is best used for picking up all sound surrounding the camcorder. The downside is that the mic will pick up everything including the person holding the camcorder.

A wireless microphone kit includes a receiver (attaches to camcorder), a lav and a handheld transmitter. A wireless mic kit is best used if you are in a situation when you can’t have cables attached to your camcorder. The downside is you can only have one of the transmitters on at one time.

Lighting Equipment

An arri light kit is used to light an interview. The kit includes four lights: main, fill, back, and background light

A top light is attached to the top of a camcorder to light a small area directly in front of the camcorder. The downside to a top light is that it only reaches about 6 feet in front of the camcorder, so it should only be used if the talent or object is within 6 feet of the camcorder.

Studio Production

WCA-TV’s state-of-the-art high definition production studio features four studio cameras, four Teleprompters, two virtual sets, and three wireless microphones. In the control room, WCA-TV uses the Tricaster 855 for live switching and a Mackie DL1608 iPad interface mixer.

Post Production Editing Equipment

WCA-TV has four identical post-production edit suites that features Final Cut Pro 7.

The Mac Lab is where most of our workshops will take place, it can accommodate up to ten students. The Mac Lab features Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop.

The Audio Mixing Suite is a great place to record voiceovers for your short documentary or TV show but can also be used by WCAC-Radio DJs to record and produce their radio show. The Audio Mixing Suite features Sony Sound Forge and can have up to four external microphones connected.